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Once Upon A Time 7.8 "Pretty In Blue" Review

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As Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) meets up with Alice(Rose Reynolds) she says that they can now hug as father and daughter since she got the curse lifted and it will no longer poison their hearts.  But as they hug, Hook zooms away into the air and lands with the poison in his heart.  She runs away and Reggie (lana Parilla) tells Henry (Andrew J West) and Ella (Dania Ramiriz) to go after her.  She goes though the portal to Wonderland, where else, as Ella tells Henry and they follow.  Of course Ella wanted to go through here for her own motives.  As we find she's been here before since she knows about the maze of infinite possibilities and she shows Henry the half heart locket, which she said was her mother's and how she and her step father loved each other.  She accepted her step father and it glowed showing their eternal love.  But then her mother left and he went looking for her.  One day it ended and it stopped glowing thus her father thought her love for him ended too!  Of course she was wrong.  She drinks the shrinking potion and there's only enough for one as Henry gets left behind.

As she wanders through the maze, she follows the sign to the tea party and here she finds Alice.  She tells her about her mother and shows her the other half of the locket, which Ella says belongs to her.  Alice always has all the trinkets doesn't she, like she's some thrift store.  More importantly she conveniently brings them out in the hopes of jogging some memory and the curse being lifted.  Alice tells Ella about her mother and how she tried to save them from Drizella (Adelaide Kane) but she couldn't, her heart was poisoned and she wanted to search for a cure.  That's why the glow went out.  However Drizella sets her sights on Henry once more as she tries to poison his heart too with the mushroom.  Something she learned from Reggie of course.  But Ella and Alice arrive in time to stop this from happening.  Ella repeating what Henry said about his grandparents and their saying of always finding each other.  Which Ella dissed as being silly and then she says it herself to Henry now; that she would always find him.  Alice doesn't go back with them but they tell Hook what she said and she gave him a white horse chess piece.  Still the chess piece business continues.

Back in Hyperion Heights, Hook Rogers is hailed as a hero for rescuing Eloise but Weaver (Robert Carlyle) repeats again that he doesn't know what he's leashed onto the world, as did Victoria last ep.  Eloise (Emma Booth) thanks him in person and leaves him a cake, probably containing more poison to affect his heart and make him stop this search, but for him the search was over, he found Eloise, but she's not his daughter.  Here I must apologize for suggesting this a few eps back!  Don't know what I was thinking, she was more his baby mother!  She's back in the building with Ivy again and she tells her to work her magic and make the plant grow since she must wake Anastasia.  But she doesn't know where Victoria's keeping her.  As she has so many properties Ivy believes the search will be easy, but not so.  As she finds, Victoria was one step ahead of her and when she retrieves the coffin, it's empty.  Thought she would've checked before bringing it all the way here.

Reggie visits Hook and stops him from eating the cake when she finds out who it's from and tells him it'll only make him fat (what fat bellied Hook once more, perish the thought ha!) as she throws it into the bin.  She wants Weaver/Rumples to join forces with her to rid them of Eloise and he claims the fifth as not knowing what she's talking about.  Obviously as Ronni/Reggie says, "you're always awake."  Which is true and I said that too a while back.  He doesn't recall Rumpelstiltskin and when Reggie mentions Belle wouldn't have wanted this, he pauses for a second, but still he doesn't entertain her idea.  So she decides there's only one person who can help her, even if she hates her and she decides on San Francisco.  Well that would've been Zelena no doubt, perhaps, so now we know Robin will be in the show, it must be Zelena's daughter she's seeing maybe.

Reggie also tells Hook he should take Alice/Tilly under his wing cos she doesn't have anyone and that's why she did what Weaver told her to.  But Rumples was looking out for him and making sure Eloise didn't get out.  He sees Alice and takes a chess set with him as she selects the white horse from it.  Also she apologizes for what she did cos Weaver told her to.  Reggie of course ensuring Hook finally meets up with his daughter one day and what better way than to get him to spend time with her, so Ivy can't do much more damage with the curse.

Henry decides on a road trip too as he's had four beers already getting over a broken heart cos of Jacinda.  She is told to hire Nick (Nathan Parsons) her ex and Lucy's (Alison Fernandez) father, but Tiana (Mekia Cox) and she doesn't want to but she must.  Even dressing up for him.  Henry liked him when they met cos they had the same taste in music and Nick agrees to help her.  Only she admits to Henry that she was the one who gave up Lucy to begin with and signed over her parental rights.  She doesn't believe Lucy will understand or forgive her.  However Henry tells her to tell Nick so he can help her.

Henry brings the book to Lucy and she looks something up in it and says Nick isn't her father, but Henry is.  Henry fixes the truck for them and sees Jacinda with Nick.  Apparently in the Other Realm, Henry knows Nick as Jack (and the Beanstalk?) and he thought he was in Agrabah.  So is he an ally or someone more sinister.   Seems everyone's just been added to make the story go on longer and drawn out, especially since as one hurdle is overcome another one pope up, like Nick here, Anastasia being missing now and Reggie needing to go out of town to find allies. 

Once Upon A Time 7.7 "Eloise Gardener" Review

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Jacinda (Dania Ramiriz) goes on about the "foot" truck again (sorry but that's what it sounds like) and how she won't have enough money and won't be able to get Lucy (Alison Fernandez) back.  So Ronni (Lana Parilla) suggests she could work here as things have picked up and she agrees.  Yes but how will that go down with Social Services working in a bar as opposed to some lame chicken burger store which was burned down cos of her allowing Sabine (Mekia Cox) to bake there.  No matter cos by episode's end, Lucy is taken away anyway since the complaint against Jacinda still stands.  Ivy (Adelaide Kane) still getting, or trying to get her hands on Henry (Andrew J West) too as she suggests he should do a podcast.  (Next ep.)

Back in the Other Realm Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) chances upon Reggie looking for passage on his ship to escape the clutches of Snow and Charming who are hot on her heels.  Though we didn't get to see them, nor did we get any ending to their story and where they are now. Hook agrees to it but first he must take care of his own business and he looks for a way that will help him seek revenge on the Dark One once and for all.  This being a flower.  He comes to a tower and climbs up where he meets Rapunzel (Meegan Warner) and she tells him of being imprisoned here by the Witch and she can't get out unless he finds the flower from her garden and that way they can both have what they want.  Well Rapunzel as we know was freed a while back, but you can never tell which direction this show will take when coming up with stories that will confuse some viewers even more.

Hook ventures to the garden with Mr Smee (Chris Gauthier) and he must sing to find the flower only awakening a giant gnome (now Sheila in Aussie soap Neighbours would've loved one of those!)  Anyway Smee suggests he sing a different song and he ends up singing a lullaby which turns the gnome to dust.  He recalls his mother would sing that to him and his brother and when he no longer heard it anymore he guessed it was a lullaby.  So apparently this Hook is the one with the daughter (ie fat bellied Hook.)  This was his story.  As he returns with the flower, Rapunzel is so grateful at getting her freedom that she wants to get it on with Hook there and then and being the pirate that he is, he obliges.  Now Rapunzel wouldn't have done that.  Next morning it's actually the Witch (Emma Booth) that Victoria is holding prisoner and she has a baby.  "Bloody Fast work mate" he thinks to himself, as she tells him it's magic and she needed to leave her bloodline behind to escape the tower.  She wants Hook to come too leaving him a petal for his purposes but he can't leave the baby alone.  His baby.

Hook gives The Jolly Roger to Smee and tells him to take Reggie away.  He's got other business, as he sings to the baby again, he names her Alice.  Thus Alice (in Wonderland) is his daughter, wonders will never cease.  No wonder she was so vested in Hook Rogers back at Hyperion Heights and practically told him it was her last ep as she held that chess piece right under his nose, but he didn't get it.  Still thinking misguidedly this Eloise is his daughter, or some familial connection with her.  He sets out to find her once more and chances upon the man with the tat's DB and calls in Weaver Rumples (Robert Carlyle).  He promptly reports to Victoria (Gabrielle Anwar) about what he's doing and she wants it taken care of.  Sorry but didn't he tell Victoria he was no longer on her payroll.

Hook thinks Alice (Rose Reynolds) is the only one who can help him as she did last time and Henry tags along to help.  He won't turn her in for selling stolen watches and she tells him she'll help him if he meets her in two hours with a sandwich.  A marmalade sandwich Hook replies.  Heck man that should've given away what she was going to do.  When she does turn up she tells him Eloise was killed in a car accident and gives him the painted page from his journal.  However Hook rubs it and the paint runs off onto his hand.  He confronts Rumples about this who marvels at the Dark One's dagger which is kept in the evidence lock up, silly place to have it.  Rumples warns Hook against pursuing this and also tries to convince him he's not working for Victoria but he can't stop him from confronting her.

Victoria finds out that the Witch has had a visitor who's tracked dirt in and she tells her it was probably Victoria anyway.  Victoria finding Ivy's shoes as she's not at her desk and knows Drizella has her memories intact.  Hook manages to find Victoria and handcuffs her releasing Eloise and Victoria is arrested.  Which is a joyous day for Ivy but Victoria tells her she's making a big mistake unleashing her into the world.   As things backfire for Jacinda too since she can't have Lucy until her complaint is properly sorted out.

Hook telling Henry he feels a family connection towards Eloise and he doesn't know what that is.  Well that'll be the one night stand they shared together, but Alice standing by at the end knowing she's his daughter and she can't do anything about it cos he won't believe her, but also how Rumples wanted to tell Hook what was going on but he wouldn't believe him.  Just like sceptical Henry.  How frustrating is all this anyway.  As we know now how Hook came about his daughter, it wasn't even a night of passion in that sense, he was used, a mere object for her to gain her freedom!  What would the witch have done if she wasn't approached by this handsome guyliner dude, oh never mind, she'd have gone for anyone to gain her freedom, scruple-less as she is!!  Eloise has an apt name though considering she had that garden as a Witch in the Other Realm, but also how she's meant to be green-fingered here too in attemting to make that plant grow.  Rumples doesn't take the same approach with Reggie in the next ep when she tells him about joining forces!

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The Halcyon Series 1 Episode 8 Review

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The final episode of ITV's wartime drama series kicked off with some explosive actions and not just since it was the finale but also turned out to be the season finale too.  Seems everyone was getting their share of kicks and knockbacks, especially when D'Abberville (Charles Edwards) gets his comeuppance as Toby (Edward Bluemel) finally comes clean about being a traitor really and being blackmailed by by D'Abberville with him having the lowdown on his secret, which he tells Priscilla (Olivia Williams) is sordid.  Also adding that if anyone finds out about him then he'll go down as a traitor too.  Of course Toby would wait the entire season to come clean about his goings on and stealing secrets to Garland (Steven Mackintosh) now, when it's over.  Though he tells him that he came to him shows he is not a coward and is willing to act, well took his sweet time.

Of course Priscilla wouldn't believe Garland when he told her about D'Abberville since she doesn't like him at all with added sarcasm thrown in when Garland tells her he wouldn't lie to her, which is exactly what he did do when he covered for her husband's dalliances and indiscretions.  Not the same thing though and he was also his employer after all, considering good jobs are hard to find and so is the hired help.  So doing a mad, drastic dash through D'Abberville's belongings, she finds his passport and his ticket away from here; but of course he high tails it back to his room after Toby confronts him and tells him he's called Special Branch.   D'Abberville tells Priscilla about Garland too and not being who he seems, as he confronted him too earlier about the Sgt Green mystery and what he did in the woods.  Of course there were several new stories/plots being set up for a series 2, which didn't happen.  Ain't it always the way: they always end on a cliff hanger and can't be bothered to finish what they started, not even in a special, at least they could've got a Christmas special out of it to tie up loose ends, before everyone went their own way.

But you just knew that Priscilla Lady Hamilton (not Lady Emma Hamilton though there is an Emma in the characters!) was going to get the vest of D'Abberville, especially when he threatened Toby and conked him on the head with the paperweight.  It wasn't as though he was going to let things go, thought he was going to get her for a minute.  Then to top it off, she calls on Garland to help her. That was rich after how she treated him, then asking him why he's helping her, well cos she asked was his reply.  As he clears up, too late Special Branch arrives and he manages to get the DB into the bathroom.  Although for Special Branch they didn't really do a good job of searching the room, aside from finding out that Garland was hiding something.  Aah yes, Priscilla's romantic interlude with D'Abberville.

The love triangle also continues as Joe Vs (the volcano ha! - sorry) well Joe (Matt Ryan) vs Freddie (Jamie Blackley) continued with Joe punching him out and Emma (Hermione Corfield) just happened to be there to see.  That was some kinda macho bravado going on there.  D'ya think Joe realized he did the wrong thing since Freddie was in uniform after all and fighting for his country, as well as his girl.  Though later in the lift Freddie tells Emma that he loves her and that it's probably too late. Emma was stringing them along it seems especially as she glances at both of them longingly.  She can't decide and as Betsey (Kara Tointon) said to her, she should have both of them cos there is a war on.  Well many of us know who they'd go for!! (Ahem Joe perhaps?!!  Well he is more of the manly man and not a, erm, boy.  In the sense he's also a doer, a thinker, reporter...)

Betsey having her own feelings and declaring she loves Sonny (Soph Dirisu) which you knew was going to be too little too late for her.  Also the music band leader thang being already done in Downton Abbey.  Toby is given the note from Adil (Akshay Kumar) as he prepares to commit suicide and Toby manages to get to him in time, missing the bomb altogether.  As The Halcyon celebrates 50 years, it's hit by a bomb, seems they didn't have five minutes after all.  Just as Joe looked like he was going to declare his love for Emma too, with Freddie standing by and watching, everything goes awry.  Telling her to go to Freddie after he helps out a woman.  Betsey singing a song A Nightingale in Barkley Square, as she looks for Sonny and then sees him, but he vanishes as Emma calls out to her. She lies unconscious and Sonny is no longer around.  Well at least it was good news for Klein (Nico Rogner) as Garland managed to find his family and bring them back to London.

Of course it'd end on a cliffhanger, why can't they just once finish things on a final note instead of giving viewers the runaround.  They know if we like a show we'll come back to it, but it's always the viewers who get short changed.  Not the TV companies or the networks cos we invest so much more in the programme and the characters and cast than they do!

Matt did a great American accent, it's funny when I spoke to him I mentioned how he didn't have to do an American accent in Criminal Minds :Suspect Behaviour which was an American series, cancelled too on a cliffhanger I might add.  But how he did one in this, which happened to be a Brit show!  Strange!  But he pulled it off as he would do!

Well there you have it, Priscilla and Garland saved by the bomb as D'Abberville's DB was conveniently blown up in the proceedings, with Priscilla aimlessly wandering around like the walking wounded, which she was, as was Betsey too. Seems Garland and Priscilla would've forged some semblance of a fleeting friendship from this ordeal had there been a series 2.  Having this dark secret hanging over them, but he did come through in the end as a loyal employee, much to her chagrin earlier and throughout the series that he was more liable to help Lord Hamilton than her and quite frankly she hated him for it.  Yet Garland saved her 'soon to be' rationed bacon here!  As well as Garland also getting to have a tender moment with Peggy (Liz White) that was obvious throughout the series too.  Peggy was married but her husband's away, doesn't make it right, but after what she went through with Billy, she needed some tenderness.  Garland and Emma came across as practically a couple of potential heartbreakers, like father, like daughter in many ways.

Yet there was also the way that Garland understood what Priscilla was going through, he did the dirty too (guess all's fair in love and war - again) when he killed the diabolical military officer during the last war.  Now her hands are tainted with blood too, albeit to save herself and Toby.  Garland was also saving a life as he saw it.  Besides D'Abberville was a nasty Nazi after all, as Garland warned him, "if you think you can act this way in my hotel without consequence..."  Only to be met by his revealing Garland's real name of Sgt Green.  Well if Priscilla hadn't done him in, Garland surely would have.

Then Priscilla mentions to D'Abberville that perhaps, "why not ask the American to write it? Apparently he’s rather popular on the wireless."  When threatening to tell the world about Toby, well okay not the entire world, but their little corner of it.  Before she grabbed the paperweight.  Well Joe was extremely popular and yet D'Abberville would've been outed eventually as a Nazi.  Wow for once I didn't have to defend Joe against snide remarks from critics, must be they were too busy crying shed loads that this was the final ep!!

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Longmire 5.10 "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" Review

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As Walt (Robert Taylor) and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) sit in different rooms at the Res police station, Henry tells Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) about Walt's suspicions of him being Hector.  Mathias reminding him that Walt has samples of Henry's blood when he collected samples where Malachi (Graham Greene) was beaten.  Mathias can't remove the evidence without breaking the law.  Milgrom  (Patch Darragh) tells Walt that he can't let this feuding get out in public cos of the civil trial and Walt tells him Henry is his best friend, which kinda makes it worse.  Mathias tells Milgrom Henry will drop all charges if Walt doesn't pursue the Hector issue anymore and accuse him of being Hector, which Walt agrees to, as both men leave the station injured and dejected.

Walt arrives home to find Donna (Ally Walker) waiting for him, she's been subpoenaed to give a deposition and Walt tells her when she was missing, he and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) broke in and stole some of her patient files and if they hadn't done that, they wouldn't have found her.  She doesn't blame them but he tells her to go ahead with the deposition.  Knighthorse (A Martinez) has new bodyguards and Henry tells him about the Malachi situation and Walt too and he doesn't know if he and Walt are still friends.  He's grateful to Knighthorse for getting his bar back, but he wants to know if Knighthorse went back and killed Malachi.  He didn't, but Henry tells him he's confused since someone wrote "Hector Lives" there with stones.  Knighthorse thinks it could be Malachi himself to throw the scent off him being alive and if he is, then Henry adds that makes him more of a threat.  Should've heeded his own warning.

Cady (Cassidy Freeman) comes in to get Darius out and she thinks Mathias has spoken to him without her being there.  He says Darius is bad news and she shouldn't be doing this.  However she reminds him of how everyone's entitled to a defence and she won't go into that with him.  Mathias still thinks she's making a big mistake.  Which she was but as she said when called upon, lawyers have to defend no matter how abhorrent the defendant, otherwise they're not doing their job.  Cady returns to the office and finds Mandy (Tamara Duarte) already there and she tells her she can play her $25,000 a year and then see how it goes.  After getting Knighthorse to foot the bill for one more employee after she tells him she's hired all the people on his list.  She also warns him about Walt when she says the same thing she did to Walt about him being tunnel visioned when it comes to Knighthorse.  Who tells her how he and Walt have had that volatile relationship for years.  She loves her father but she wants to do what's right with her job.  She sees him laying down his stakes for when he meditates.  Obviously that's going to be relevant for the end.

Vic hears that Chance Gilbert (Peter Stormare) has been found guilty and will serve at least twenty years inside.  She's relieved and Ferg (Adam Bartley) breaks the news to Walt.  Chance later calls Walt and tells him he wants to get to death row cos he can't live cooped up without his freedom.  Well tell that to the people he killed.  He calls it a cruel and unusual punishment for himself.  However Walt refuses cos he deserves what he gets and cos he can suffer behind bars.  What is usually cruel and unusual is languishing on death row for years.  Walt tells Vic what he wanted which was a mistake cos she wants to see him die and he tells her he's not going to act on it since the judge gave him his sentence and that's how the law operates.  he's been accused of doing too much outside of the law.  Chance tells Vic where to find the gun when he murdered the courier.  When she goes to find it she's met by his brother's wife and she fights her.  With Vic getting kicked in the stomach.  The DA takes the gun and it has his DNA on it.

Travis (Derek Phillips) is moving into the trailer park to keep an eye on Vic and he takes her to the hospital the next day as they hear the baby's heartbeat during the ultrasound.  The mayor buys Walt a milkshake cos he's temporarily suspending him and has gone to the county commissioners to do this.  He wants to be treated with respect and he knows it' re-election year so he wants a smooth ride.  Walt isn't happy and as we later see the mayor wants Walt out co he has big plans for the county and a stickler for doing the right thing like Walt will only get in the way.  He recruits Knighthorse onto his campaign for this reason.  Also telling him that the FBI has info on Walt pertinent to the case.

Walt asks Ferg to find Monte (Stephen Louis Grush) and when he does, he breaks into his house and finds the FBI flashdrive, as Ferg distracts Monte with the threat of a ticket for running a stop sign.  The flashdrive reveals details of a phonecall Walt supposedly made to Barlow from his house.  A call lasting five seconds.  But Walt didn't make the call and it wouldn't have been enough time to invite him over.  Besides why would Barlow even entertain the idea of being summoned by Walt when Walt could've just gone to see him at his place as he always did.  He tells Tucker (Brett Rice) he's been withholding this vital information and Tucker reveals Barlow handed him over the reigns of his company making him CEO.  Walt telling him Barlow wanted it to be a case of 'suicide by cop.'  Tucker also saying when he finishes with Walt he won't have all this land cos he'll have to sell up in   the settlement the judge will order.  As he calls his phone and makes a call in four seconds.  Er, he didn't take into account how many seconds the call would actually take to connect and for Barlow to pick up, cos he wouldn't answer right away!!  Not so clever Tucker!!

Milgrom tells Walt to see his accountant and to give his money away.  So I said he should just give his property to Cady now and put it in her name, or sell it to her dirt cheap instead so greedy guts can't get his hands on it.  Wanting to build a golf course resort.  Oh man if that ain't bloody Drumpf I don't know what is!  That's all Absaroka needs after a casino!  Donna and Walt share a Rainier and she plays truth or dare, asking him who's the better kisser, her or Vic, as he sips his beer.  He does the same asking if it's him or her husband, as she also takes a sip of beer.  Their relationship isn't really going anywhere romantically.

Henry is duped into taking Tina (Tinsel Korey) to her home as she's lost her coat with her car keys where Henry sees Malachi.  He then ties Henry up after beating him to the same stakes that Knighthorse uses to call his dog soldiers.  Leaving him there to bake in the sun.  Cady undergoes a sweat ritual as Mandy's aunt wants to initiate her into the tribe.  Here she sees many images such as Henry hanging from a tree with his phone in his hand, as well as seeing the empty sheriff's station with Walt's hat on the rack, she sees the land and walking in blood.  Obviously a warning, foreboding of what's to come next season.  With Walt having another fight on his hands with the civil trial and the golf course plans now and this time on his own land.  They don't do things by half in this show!!  Roll on the sixth and final season!!

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Venus In Fur (Play) Review

A magnificent feast for the senses, a tour de force, comedy of fun errors, what can I use to describe this delightful piece of writing, acting, directing.  A must see for anyone who loves comedy and more appropriately it's almost "ripped from several headlines" message.  It's meant to be based in around 1870 when women were mere objects to be ogled, lusted after and put on pedestals.  Treated as goddesses (hence the title in some ways) and yet it slowly turns all the stereotypes onto their heads and ends up with a winning formula and taking the gender roles, the archetypal gender roles and reversing them to achieve an immensely satisfying conclusion!!  The book of the same title written by Leopold Sacher-Masoch and as Thomas says in the play that's where the term "sado masochism" originated.  However at the time the book was written the man's 'quest' to be physically abused wasn't thought of as pornographic or perverse in any way.  But shows how society came to view it as such and it culminated in Vanda adding that's what it really is about.

Bravo and kudos to brilliantly great acting, 90 minutes of marvel.  Vanda Jordan comes to audition for the part of Vanda in Thomas Novachek's play.  Remarkably and not coincidentally, as I saw it, she  really did ingratiate herself into the audition and she shares the same name as the female protagonist in the play.  She thinks Thomas wrote the play but he's merely "adapting" it.  This repeated several times over as if trying to make us believe that's really the case, or convince us Thomas actually adapted Saher-Masoch's book of the same name; s Thomas explains to ditzy Vanda, however, don't be fooled by her blonde tresses, she's not what she appears to be.  But a cunning vixen, who really plays him and does set his heart afire.  "The inexplicable becomes the inextricable" in many ways.  As she keeps getting "ambivalent" and "ambiguous" mixed up.

Thunder, lightning and Vanda arrives wet at Thomas's attic studio.  The train was late and everyone's gone but through her clever tactics and manoeuvrability, she manages to convince Thomas into giving her an audition.  As they read the play, she questions why Thomas doesn't play the part for himself.  As they read, their innermost thoughts and desires are revealed, as are their tremendous American accents, Vanda's New Yawk accent becomes posh English when reading the script, allowing Thomas to be more enamoured with her.  She also gets him to talk 'posh' and then we get a little German accent; ooh it was Earnest (Victoria) all over again.  As Natalie also finally slips in a German accent too.

Thomas says he's taken in by her and falls like the thunder and lightning.  Plenty of this followed, painting the picture that each time there was that roar, it was Thomas falling deeper and more deeply for Vanda.  The astute vixen has the script already and says her agent gave it to her.  But she's also secretly read the book as she produces it when remarking on the cover, if he used that as a poster it'd be reminiscent of "porn" and he'll sell lots of tickets.

That's what this revolved around: the abuses suffered and endured by women at the hands of men for centuries.  Seen by Vanda's heartfelt machinations that she longs for a woman to be an individual and to be seen as such.  Not admired for her beauty alone and to be 'used' for the needs of men, but to be given an equal footing.  Therein lies the modern aspect to this.  All the scandals appearing in the news now, the abuses (suffered by men and women alike).  It was akin to Thomas as he talks of the abuse suffered at the hands of his aunt, as his pants were pulled down and she beat him, over and over.  It was so poignant a moment that it felt as if it were true.  That he really suffered this and wasn't just spoken by the character he was playing within the play.  hence also their talk of fur stemming from this and how the fur plays a pivotal role in that abuse and yet it's so appealing.

After much 'seduction' and many home truths being revealed, more thunder and more times that Thomas fell for this Venus in Fur, this Aphrodite.  "All hail Aphrodite"  Vanda finally gets Thomas where she wants him: succumbing and finally playing her role, as she ties him up and shows him how women are treated.  As said, roles reversed, she's now the dominant one, in the position of power.  And as the heavens rained red, Aphrodite is finally hailed; also as exacting her revenge.  The goddess wins!  The "idiot woman...idiot actress" reveals in the depths of her victory!

It felt to me as if Thomas was actually imagining this, writing, I mean, adapting his own play and his own version of events.  Especially with that "twisty" ending!  It was such a pleasure to watch Natalie Dormer and David Oakes live on stage; that it's no wonder many have flocked to see this many times over.  It does deserve more than one viewing.  That atmosphere, there's so much to take in.  The costume,s without being too lavish suit the entire play and it's good there wasn't an interval which would've distracted from the main scenes, which were actually all the scenes in my opinion.  Every moment, every scene had an enormous impact on everything being said and acted.

Thomas mentions he was beaten by his aunt and it was watched by the servants and even the cat.  It was hilarious in a way, not the beating aspect, but that cats were mentioned in this and I gave David a silly cat painting I did!  Hey another uncanny moment of mine!

I would say this should be filmed and shown in theatres/cinemas in all its glory.  Loved it and as said, one visit wasn't enough, neither were two!  Third time's the charm.  Amazingly directed by Patrick Marber and a gorgeous set by Rob Howell.  Breathtaking, exuding sexiness and so very dark!

Venus In Fur Theatre Royal Haymarket until 9th December!! Hurry!!

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Once Upon A Time 7.6 "Wake Up Call " Review

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Another episode where it was all happening.  Said that Ivy (Adelaide Kane) made Reggie (Lana Parilla) find that pic on purpose and wanted to use her for her own ends against Victoria (Gabrielle Anwar).  It was apparent and poor Reggie fell for it, or rather had to.  As we got flashes to the Other Realm again where Reggie tried to help Drizella with magic as she saw potential in her.  Yet she didn't realize she'd be the one who would be taken advantage of and surely she should have realized the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Especially with all her dealings as the Evil Queen.  Drizella would be just as evil, manipulative as her mother.  Being rescued from the man-eating giant plant was probably just another rouse on her part to get rescued by her and she'd have a soft spot for her if she lied about how she hates her mother.  Well, not so much a lie as a manipulation.  Reggie warning her not to become dark.  Hey if only Rumples (Robert Carlyle) could've got Drizella to become the Dark One. 

Speaking of, he managed to show up in the Other Realm this ep and told Reggie his sad story of how he and Belle spent time together and how she grew old and died and how it changed him.  He now wants to get rid of his darkness and well, if Reggie could do it, then so could he.  He also tells; reminds her how she too was like Drizella when she was the Evil Queen and how her mother knew everything she was doing.  But Reggie is genuinely fooled into thinking Drizella is as innocent as she appears.  Drizella telling her Victoria intends to bring back Anastasia with a pure heart and how that will be Drizella 's so she wants Reggie to help kill her.  However Reggie says that's not her anymore and she'll be making a big mistake.  She doesn't want Drizella to become evil.  Sorry she already is.  Reggie also despairs when Henry (Andrew J West) doesn't need her anymore as he and Cinders (Dania Ramirez) fight off rebels in the woods and she doesn't have to use her magic to help.  She tells the same to Rumples.

Later Drizella beings her betrothed Prince Gregor (Julian Haig) to do the dirty deed for her which Reggie also believes she'll get him to do.  However Drizella gets the plant to kill the prince instead, now her heart is black and she won't be able to use it for Anastasia.  Reggie tells her that heroes always find a way to break curses and Drizella vanishes.  Ah Reggie you shouldn't have said that, cos she recalled it back in Hyperion heights and used it against her.

In Hyperion Heights Ivy gets the Witch (Emma Booth) to conjure up the flower/plant again, as she brings her soil from the garden.  The Witch telling her it was a mistake to let Ronnie/Reggie find the photo.  Reggie shows the picture to Henry again and he thinks it could've been Photoshopped for his book, with Reggie actually being Emma.  Reggie thinks she and Henry could convince Lucy (Alison Fernandez) they believe her about the book and the curse and this way she'll get out of her 'fantasy' phase.  Which is unlikely.  Also telling Henry he should ask Jacinda on a date.  He sees Ivy's uploaded all sorts of pics of her and Henry drinking and he doesn't want Jacinda to get the wrong idea.  Reggie talks to Lucy at the apartment, where she's not supposed to be and she mentions the book turning up in the closest.  Reggie thinks they should form a pact and find out about the photo.  Having also told Henry that she was turned down for an adoption once.

Reggie asks Rumples/Weaver for help in looking up a 'Regina Mills' and whether she was in the system for an adoption.  She adds she'll owe him a favour.  Ooh Dearie, we know he's gonna collect on that!  He even mentions it later when he brings her the info and there was a Regina after all.  Naturally, but then he already knew that anyway now he knows who he really is.  Henry brings along a mix tape when he helps Jacinda fix the truck, trying to explain the pics with Ivy.  She doesn't need an explanation from him and they can have a date now since he's good at fixing things.  Seriously can't believe Jacinda said "food" truck cos it sounded more like "foot" truck coming from her!!  Some better pronouncation please and less loud music which drowns out and garbles half of what is said!

Ivy pours Reggie a drink from the top shelf and adds some potion to it which will make her recall everything.  Knew there was something in it but Reggie did you really need a drink poured by her.  She wants her to know enough so she can help Ivy with her plans and go back to being the Evil Queen.  True love's kiss will break the curse, so she wants Reggie to break up Henry and Jacinda.  Later on the bench, she tells Henry how good it is they're trying to get to know one another and he should keep her abreast on things with Jacinda and how they go.

Hook Rogers (Colin O'Donoghue) takes Alice (Rose Reynolds) to her shack and she wants him to play chess.  Reminding him he should look at the pieces he's played.  He brings out his black book and finds the tattoo again which he calls a rune.  Wouldn't it be great if Rumples found out Reggie knows who she really is and they could get together to rid the curse and Ivy/Victoria once and for all and then everyone could go their own ways with their true happy endings.  Ending the show on a high.  There's so much repetition going on from past stories/episodes that it'll become tedious.  But Henry you do need your mother(s) and it's not just about growing up and using their magic, or then using it for him.  What would he be without them.

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Longmire 5.9 "Continual Soiree" Review

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Vic (Katee Sackhoff) wakes Walt (Robert Taylor) up the next morning when Malachi hasn't turned up.  She thinks he was probably using it as a distraction to make his escape.  Since it seems he wouldn't have anything to offer Walt especially since Knighthorse (A Martinez) had the ledgers, even if he wasn't 'abducted' by Knighthorse and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) doubt if he would've turned up as said.  At the office Walt gets them to check out if Malachi's turned up for work and Walt is convinced Knighthorse is behind it all.  Well that's not being paranoid, he is right, Knighthorse is far from trustworthy with his past, but also that he might have had a hand in Malachi's disappearance.  He also wants them to check when David Wabash checked out of the motel, which Ferg (Adam Bartley) tells him was two days ago.

Vic has a court date in the Chance Gilbert (Peter Stormare) trial brought up as Ruby (Louanne Stephens) and ADA Brigitte Holder (Catherine Dent) needs her to testify today.  Walt listens in and later he heads to the court but Milgrom (Patch Darragh) tells Walt he shouldn't go in.  Finally telling him that Tucker is continuing with his civil suit as Barlow's estate refused to settle.  He's been trying to call him, well any attorney would've left messages but also turned up in person to  ell their client such news.  He warns him against going inside even to sit in the gallery as the reporters will make fodder out of it, especially with the pending civil suit.  Walt sees Henry who tells him about the ledgers and getting the Red Pony back, but he gave the ledgers to Knighthorse.  Walt is angry he didn't get them cos he is the law around here and he would've put them to good use.  Henry says Walt's paranoid with Knighthorse continually on his radar and just for once he might not be bad.

It's understandable Walt would feel that way, first there was everything with his wife, then Cady and Henry is also now keeping secrets from him.  He seems to be losing his friends aside from his deputies, but they shouldn't really count cos that's more work.  Ferg finds Malachi's phone has been pinging and is located in the same location without moving.  A spot on the Res and he has to get Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) to go with him.  He finds the phone and they also find blood and 'Hector Lives' composed of stones.  Mathias tells him he tries to mix some good into his work to remind him it does exist and Walt replies unfortunately the bad always keeps him from doing that.  Travis (Derek Phillips) brings by some motor home stuff and finds the pregnancy tests in the trash, wanting to have it out with Vic before the trial.  He was presumptuous in thinking that he'd be the only one she'd be involved with, as he mentions how she's into law enforcement men: they're her type. When she replies she doesn't "have a type."  Well he was right there with Walt and Eammon.

At the trial the ADA asks Vic how she's coping, physically she's fine but the emotional side isn't so good at times.  Before we get courtroom theatrics from Chance.  Not only about her 'relationship' with Walt, non-existent of course, but mentions witnesses seeing them and their kiss.  Accusing Walt of bad policing but also having his own harem, knew that was coming.  Continually badgering her and finally the judge has enough of it too and allows Vic to be excused from further testimony.  What sort of a defence was that, no compelling questions or evidence, or witnesses to cross-examine.  Even bringing up why her ex-husband wanted to divorce her, which she said was none of his business and rightly so. As well as going on about entering his place without identifying herself a a deputy, why would she, trespass and all the other spiel.

Walt finally sees Cady and he doesn't ask who she's doing but talks of Knighthorse and how he's coming between them as she and Henry are taken in by him.  She mentions his paranoia too and suggests he should talk his feelings over with his psychiatrist if he's still seeing her.  He asks about anything unusual and mentions Henry wanting to adopt Mingan as his father died of a drug overdose.  But Mingan killed himself which was on the 13th.  Back at the office he puts together dates and photos of when Hector's activities began in chasing after drug dealers, such as Jamie and burning his stash.  Which all leads back to one person.  Well Walt's not just a pretty face ya know; he would piece it altogether.

He comes up with Henry being a suspect again in Malachi's disappearance and he talks with Knighthorse asking for the ledgers.  But he won't turn them over cos Walt will use them against him and he's no fool since he's been gunning for him since his wife's death.  Adding even if he knew who Hector was, he wouldn't tell him cos he wouldn't believe him even if he did.  Henry also tells Mathias how Walt's going to suspect Hector of being a killer and so they have to find Malachi or his DB and fast.  They follow Darius (Joseph Daniel Havenstar) after Henry fired him, which was quite a scene to see.  Adding his Polaroid to the board not to be served and also showing him that Malachi signed over the Red Pony.  They find Darius digging up money.  He won't talk and asks for a lwyer.  Guess that'd be Cady then, knew that before she got the call.  Kinda conflicted there with being Walt's daughter and obviously she still has her integrity as a lawyer.

Knighthorse turns up and says she needs help so he wants her to take on some people and he'll increase the budget for her.  Giving her a list of people, adding he's thinking of getting security from outside the Res and the people here won't be happy about that.  All the names she says aren't right for the job, but they're part of the Tribal Council so they'll have to do.  Knighthorse touching the feather on the gun he gave her and saying sometimes they have to do these things.  Don't trust him at all and that's my paranoia coming through, ha.  Particularly as he now brings up the Tribal Council so he must have some ulterior motive for that too.  or was it just so her clinic would continue.

Finally the showdown we were waiting for, Walt's realization that Henry must be Hector.  Walt asking for a Rainier to get some Dutch courage and then confronts him about it.  Henry adding that sometimes they keep secrets from him out of love and nothing more, to protect him.  Mentioning he did tell him about Shane Muldoon and Walt didn't turn him into the FBI, in the same way he allowed Malachi to escape justice by not turning him in.  Less about justice for Walt in some ways, but more about getting Knighthorse.  But Walt is too riled up to take that from him.  As punches are thrown and friendships won't be the same anymore, especially since trust has been broken.  As things hot up for the season 5 finale!

Vic telling Travis he might be the father as we get flashbacks to their drunken one night stand.  But also ther  might be someone else.  He gives her a babysitting voucher since he knows what it's like to grow up with a single mother.  Also he'll be there for her as a friend.   Henry's back to his "Red Pony and Continual Soiree" when he answers the phone and thinking that all's right now he's got his place back.  If only things were so simple and straightforward, but this is Absaroka, Walt's county!

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The Halcyon Series 1 Episode 7 Review

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Adil (Akshay Kumar) steals more documents from Toby (Edward Bluemel) after another night of passion between the two and hands them to D'Abberville (Charles Edwards). At which time Adil tells him he won't be doing this anymore, but of course D'Abberville is conniving and convinces him to carry on with it.  D'Abberville also meets with his contact to whom he's selling the secrets and he asks for more information, as well as some important documents.  Later Mortimer (Danny Webb) from Special Branch arrives and wants to question Toby as the leak has been found out and is potentially threatening to their ships.  Other members in his Department are being investigated too but obviously he's going to be the main suspect.  His room is searched and Priscilla (Olivia Williams) is angry.  Toby is later taken in for questioning, which of course is more of an interrogation and he declares he loves his job and wouldn't do anything like that.

Freddie (Jamie Blackley) returns home, timely for two reasons: firstly to help Toby and secondly to get Emma (Hermione Corfield) back as he was hasty in his decision.  Freddie wants to get Toby out but Garland (Steven Mackintosh) says his contact might be able to help.  Of course it would mean that his name won't be cleared and he won't be free from suspicion.  Joe (Matt Ryan) overhears them talking but is kept out of the loop.  Later Joe says he might be able to help and asks if there's anything he can do in the meantime, he heard the news and isn't writing a story on it.  But there's not much he can do.  Garland tells Freddie that Lord Ambrose (Geoffrey McGivern) is head of MI6 and also knew their father, but then there was bad blood between them cos of his wife, but he might be a good bet to contact.  Freddie meets with him all in a civilized manner and Ambrose is impressed with that, since his father was all gung ho, but Freddie is refined, if a little feminine, in his approach.  Especially since his father, previous Lord Hamilton had Nazi sympathies, trying to appease Hitler.  Thus betrayal and treason may run int he Hamilton family, beginning with Toby.  He can have Toby released but the investigation will continue.  Freddie asking why his brother would do such a thing against him especially since Freddie is a commended officer and has his wings.

Toby meanwhile gets a clip round his ear hole for shouting to Mortimer and he tells Toby to raise his voice again so he can get him good this time.  Freddie and Ambrose having spoken about the Great War and the changes it brought to the aristocracy.  How they're not respected at all now, which is what Mortimer says to Toby when he's released, that his position got him out.  Obviously he'll pursue this relentlessly.  When Toby is released he wants to see Adil for coffee, yeah coffee being the codeword!  He knows it was Adil and is angry, upset and kinda ashamed he trusted him.  Adil admits he was threatened and it was D'Abberville.  Toby goes to confront him.

Joe prepares a story for broadcast and asks Emma what she thinks of the US president, [what current: no comment but would have plenty to say - sorry] describing her as an English lady.  Then embellishes what she says. 
Joe: "The first US president to be elected to a third term...your country’s at war...justice and due process don’t always win out."  being as topical as ever.
Joe invites her to a club and she accepts.  Apparently developing a love triangle here.  But I don't think there would've been much of a love triangle as she's still in love with Freddie and Joe seems to be just a distraction (and what beautiful distraction Joe is!) and cos she's more infatuated with him, not having met anyone like him before.  More like just leading him on in some ways cos when she sees Freddie she can't help but look at him in that way, as if they didn't really break up.  At the club Joe and Emma get closer and as said especially after the events of the previous episode (boy did I have pangs of deja vu when I watched this for the first time on ITV - the scene where they were in the warehouse with the DB during the air raid.)  She tells him how she's succumbed to his charm and she reminds her how she hated him when they met.  He had that effect on her.

Freddie thanks Garland for helping him and he wants his permission to speak with Emma again.  Garland agrees but doesn't want her hurt.  On their night back from the club. Emma is disappointed that she never took Joe for being a gentlemen and so they kiss, watched by Freddie.  (That's they all they do in here spy on each other!)  So when Freddie speaks with her he doesn't get a chance to tell her his feelings since Joe interrupts them and tells Emma he can help with the 50th anniversary party for the Halcyon, all she needs is her notebook and they may get a little snogging action in too (my sentiments).  Well Freddie was despondent, you left it too late man!  At least too late for this ep.

Peggy (Liz White) is still in mourning and feels Dora (Bella Padden) will be safer if she's evacuated along with the other children even if she's loathe to see her go.  As she feels Feldman (Mark Benton) is avoiding her.  As he confides in Garland he is, but only cos he misses Billy and doesn't know how to handle it and his grief in front of Peggy.  he later gives Peggy a poem he wrote and she and Garland share a laugh over how bloody awful it is.  Well he tried. 

Betsy (Kara Tointon) is pursued by a man and she doesn't want to have drinks with him.  He later spies on her kissing Sonny (Sope Dirisu) and obviously he then threatens Sonny with losing his job and how they let 'them' into their country and he steal their women.  Calling him an ape and showing how racism seeps into the hotel.  He pushed him and Sonny overpowers him.  Later he complains to Garland and he says the matter will go way with an apology.  Of course Sonny won't apologize as he tells Betsy he's apologized too many times.  Garland however believes Sonny and knows how he can help him out.  He asks the man about the number of rats they have at the hotel, especially at the back.  But Sonny apologizes to him and shakes his hand.  The man asks for a bottle of champagne on the house, calling it the end of the matter.  Sonny tells Garland he apologized for him and not cos he meant it.  Referring to Betsy and how she's singing like her heart is breaking but it's all an act.  Well isn't it always when you're entertaining.

James Bond, er, Joe in his tux!!  Keep having to get that in everywhere I can!!  Actually was also thinking if they ever did a remake of Remington Steele, then Matt would be perfect in that role too!  You know, all suave, sophisticated sweet talker!!  He's got a certain Pierce vibe going, but not cos of the James Bond bit, they're both charming in their own ways!!

Heck critics once again you push the knife in Joe's back and twist it deeply as one critic described his date with Emma and Joe having "dubious charms" - really another ep where I have to strongly disagree.  What's so dubious about him, what you see is what you get with him and he didn't actively pursue her when she was with Freddie, though they did have their moments, they were all innocent and now Freddie's back, well it's every man for himself.  "All's fair in love and war..."  And jokingly let me add: "  "one more drink and then we’ll or two more drinks."  Joe was winning her over with his use of Jim Beam!! ha

There you have it the penultimate ep of the show and things culminating in the epic series finale next week, cliff hanger 'n' all which is a shame cos really, it could've been given another series at least just to tie up loose ends and could've been a shorter episode run, or maybe just a film to finish it off.  But no, no one thinks of such things to end shows when they're not brought back for another series.  Especially as D'Abberville and Priscilla announce their engagement and you know the cad will be found out.