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Victoria 2.5 "Entente Cordial" Review

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Peel (Nigel Lindsay) is concerned over the impending agreement between Isabella of Spain to marry the King of France, Louis Philippe's (Bruno Wolkowitch) son, Antoine.  Whereas Leopold wants Isabella to marry Prince Ferdinand, otherwise there will be an impending war between England and France and England can't afford another war.  Victoria (Jenna Coleman) feels she should write to Louis explaining the situation, but Peel is adamant that it won't do any good.  Trying to convince Albert (Tom Hughes) of this.  However once Victoria gets an idea into her head, she doesn't relinquish it quickly, if at all.  She later thinks it will be better if she actually visits Louis in person and sets about gathering an entourage of Drummond (Leo Suter) for political purposes, though he wasn't much help at all, the Duchess of Buccleuch (Diana Rigg) Wilhelmina (Bebe Cave) and Skerrett (Nell Hudson) of course.  She doesn't take Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) as she doesn't trust anyone else to look after her children.  Does that include her mother too.

On the journey, Albert insists he isn't a very good sailor, so how many journeys has he made via sea and he's still not gathered his sea legs.  The same can be said about Skerrett.  At the port, Victoria is received by Louis and he kisses her on both cheeks, Louis being her cousin.  As the French ladies make fun of her bag with Dash on the front of it.  "I can't travel anywhere without Dash" as she said earlier on.  Victoria thinks the French ladies think her plain and she asks what they were wearing on their faces.  As Albert conversely remarks he hates their painted faces.  Preferring simplicity.  He also sees Earnest (David Oakes) there, but has no idea why he was there, other than for some frolicking with another French lady, he had nothing to say about the impending nuptials.  Albert is surprised he could leave Coburg.   Infact when Albert confronts him about his obvious dalliance, he says he is "honouring their father's memory" by behaving in the same manner.  But of course we know that Earnest has more of his father in him, since his trysts with the Duchess in England.

Wilhelmina still seems to be throwing herself at Earnest but he's not interested in her.  As Drummond and Lord Alfred (Jordan Waller) forever engaging in their innuendos and glancing looks towards one another.  The Duchess of Buccleuch thinks they're just heading into a "Sodom and Gomorrah."  Apt phrase if you know what I mean!! Specially with the smirkings of Drummond and Alfred.   Indeed if the Duchess knew their intentions she'd have repeated the phrase again! She was too busy despairing at where she is.

Victoria wears rouge after Wilhelmina is approached by Skerrett asking for a translation and is shown what the women wear on their faces by the French maid (Emily Renee) as well as on their breasts. As well as wearing flowers in her hair.  At dinner, Louis doesn't like to mix business with pleasure and refuses to speak ot Victoria about the marriage.  Instead he prefers to eat crispy birds drowned in almanac, which is a death he too prefers as opposed to Madame Guillotine, which his father got after siding with the rabble, they betrayed him too.  He doesn't want that for Antoine.

Albert doesn't want Victoria to wear make-up again and says that he doesn't like this place as it's full of deceit, which it is.  Also hating how Louis spoke of how his father left his mistress for him when he died.  Victoria explores the grounds with Louis and she is in awe of her surroundings, as he cuts her an orange.  Finding it handy to carry a knife around.  As well as speaking of his fellow countrymen attempting to kill him seven times, Victoria adding she has also been shot at, but he tells her the gun wasn't loaded.  At the lavish 'picnic' which is what it really was.  Alfred remarks on Albert liking this forest, it's hardly a forest to him.  He goes on a walk with Antoine and he loves his brisk walks, it's exercise.  Chancing upon the lake and waterfall he finds he's in need of a cold rush of blood to the head and goes for a dip.  As do Drummond and Alfred, as well as Earnest after his tete a tete with the Duchess in the grounds!

Soon Victoria approaches the lake too and is told by the French Duchess that they're just peasants, but she spies a look and sees who it is.  Albert is in better spirits after his swim and he tells Victoria about Leopold and how he might be his father.  However she says there's no way of knowing whether he is or not. Also how he says he's just a bastard.  She loves him anyway and she can't live in this world without him.  Albert mentioning "til death do us part."  However she mentions as long as they both shall live.  Albert later convinces Louis not to get involved with the marriage, demonstrating by making Isabella a bunch of grapes whereupon the first person who picks a grape from the vine is mauled by the dog guarding it.  Louis agrees on an entente cordial.

As they return home, Alfred and Drummond now sit next to one another in the carriage and the Duchess refers to the entire trip as being  decadent, as they smirk again.  She recalls her brother being killed in battle against the French.
Victoria appears to have missed her children now and later they learn that Antoine is to marry Isabella after all.  Louis lied and Albert is angry.  See a wasted effort after all.  Those were the times and it's not as though there was any sort of lasting peace back then.  Thus Peel was right after all and she shouldn't have gone there, let alone thought of writing a letter.  Victoria thinks it was good they went since she and Albert weren't in a good place, but now they are and they no longer have any secrets between them!  As she gestures towards her stomach.  It appears she is pregnant once again.

Though in this Victoria was played as the first British monarch to visit France back in 1843, again dramatic licence just to move the story and episodes forward.  Ah it's all about the entertainment after all, so no one really cares!

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Longmire 5.2 "One Good Memory" Review

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Walt's (Robert Taylor) still determined to find Walker (Callum Keith Rennie) and holds him responsible for Donna (Ally Walker) being missing, as he heads to the morgue, he hesitates before he takes a look at the DB under the sheet.  The attendant  apologizing as he thinks Walt is holding his head in prayer.  He finds it's not Donna which gives him a faint glimmer of hope.  He also checks out the burnt out van of hers and finds a bottle of beer which is the brand that Duncan Butler (Mac Brandt) was drinking when they went to his house.  Walt heads to his work and also to his house but he and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) find he's not there and that his employer lied about the days he was here when Walt was shot and the assault.  He thinks Duncan deserves some credit for serving his country and he often had bad days where he doesn't turn up.

Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) breaks into the house where Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) has sent him and is shot at by a man.  He tells Mathias that the artifact, the piece of pottery he went to retrieve wasn't there but there were several other artifacts there.  Mathias is then called about the break-in and Henry realizes he used that to gain lawful entry.  However when Mathias goes there, he finds there was nothing there.  The artifacts are real but were stolen and now cos of Henry acting like Hector the thieves have disappeared.  But he still wants Henry to help him.  Otherwise he'll contact he FBI and send the blood to them.  Henry also picks the gun from under the tables and waits for his chance to photograph some papers from the office.  Also he''s called by Jacob but we don't know why.

Walt goes back to Sheriff Wilkin's (Tom Wopat) house after enlisting Ethan's (Josh Cooke) help and he finds Walker there.  They have an altercation and Ethan is fired.  Walker says if he shot him, Walt would've been dead.  Which Walt believes before being told to leave.  Ethan rejects Walt's job offer saying he'd be jumping from one irksome boss to another bad situation.  Mainly cos of Vic really.

There's a fight at the Red Pony and Brandt takes Randal (Anthony Alabi) hostage saying he knows what's happened to Donna.  Henry follows him and contacts Vic, who stops Duncan, telling Henry she doesn't know who the bad guy is.  Duncan tells Walt he knows what's happened cos he was also a patient and he watched Donna to protect her.  But one day she rejected his rabbit stew which he prepared personally for her , even shooting the rabbit and Vic mocks him as if she agrees with him. Walt show shim the beer bottle and tells him his fave Rainier doesn't come in bottles.  He admits he freaked out and torched the van, but he didn't hurt her.  Ferg (Adam Bartley) tells Walt that Adam (Sterling Beaumon) is Donna's son as he spoke to her ex and also he's a lawyer so he's angry about him being locked up without being charged.  There's a voicemail on his phone and he says she never checks up on him like that and uses the word "deelio."  Obviously she's being held hostage too.  Ferg traces the call and finds it was made from Tamar's (Jamie Ann Allman) address.  Where they find blood inside a closet and Vic apologizes for a second time, that she didn't look there.

Donna is at a gas station with Tamar and she leaves a note on the tissue for someone to find.  She doesn't want to hurt her but is only protecting her.  As if she needs protection which obviously must also have been triggered when Donna's van was burned.  Ferg looks at the photos Walt was looking at and Walt recalls the photo in Tamar's drawer at a lake.  The service station man tells them about a lake nearby and that's where Donna is being held.  Tamar found the note she left and is angry.  Walt and the others split up and he comes across the cabin and sees Donna.  Not expecting for Tamar to see him.  He is told to drop his gun and come in but he brings his spare with him and Donna tells him she's not dangerous.  Yeah she only tried to shoot him.  Telling Walt about Tamar's rape and he guesses it was her CO.

She thinks no one will believe she was trying to protect Donna and will turn it into some kind of twisted lesbian affair.  Which Walt almost does.  He gives Donna his gun and tells her she's protected now and safe.  So Tamar can leave.  She does and Donna doesn't want her treated like a criminal, she's traumatic.  Walt talks with her and she wants to be handcuffed since she doesn't belong anywhere and doesn't trust herself.  As Donna comes out, Tamar wants to take one last look at the lake, but obviously we knew she was going to jump in.  She after all did try it once before.  But Donna didn't notice her intention now.  Walt dives in after her and Vic and Ferg end up getting them both out.

Somehow I thought this episode a little anti-climactic to the season opener.  It just seemed fairly routine that Donna would be alive and that one of her patient's was behind it.  It's strange how Duncan's boss said he served his country and should be cut some slack but the reverse was said by Tamar and she was right in many ways.  Why shouldn't she have been given some lack too, for serving her country and then getting raped by her CO.  She didn't deserve that, no one does.  Walt was right though she should've told her story and most people would have understood and empathized with her.  Apparently double standards still exist.

The look on Walt's face when he came out of the drink lying on that jetty said it all. Was he relieved or glad to be over that ordeal, as well as thinking what next now?  Donna just doesn't seem right, sorry I have to say it, she's very volatile for him and especially with her patients.  He doesn't need that kind of trouble in his life and especially not at this point either.  Though makes you wonder why Donna didn't help Tamar being a doc so she's still trained in first aid and all that, even if she's a shrink.

Henry giving Mathias that ultimatum though was good to see cos people will be upset when they find out what happened to hector and really eh didn't care if he told the FBI, but deep down he was actually calling his bluff.  He couldn't have Hector's name being used for such purposes when he was all about helping people.

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Once Upon A Time 4.21/22 Operation Mongoose Parts 1 & 2

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Operation Mongoose goes the route of a reversal of Once Upon A Time, after the opening, we get to see the ending, or rather variations on happy endings.  Regina (Lana Parilla) takes Zelena (Rebecca Mader) to the hospital and locks her up there, presumably she takes away her necklace so she can't use magic, or is she still able to do that.  Anyway after Issac (Patrick Fischler) vanishes he writes a new book for Gold/Rumples (Robert Carlyle) with Gold being the author, more than Issac. Entitled  Heroes and Villains where all is reversed.  Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) now becomes the Evil Queen with David (Josh Dallas) as her huntsman and Regina is Snow.  That was a turnaround, didn't think we'd see Regina becoming a bandit.  Hence her moniker of 'Bandit Queen.'

Henry (Jared S Gilmore) finds he's the only one left in Storybrooke and takes Regina's car to the next town where no one's seen his family, but he chances upon Issac's book, now Henry did you pay for that book?  Ha.  He ends up at a book signing with Issac and he wants to lock him back inside the book unless he's open with him.  Which he isn't, it's his book he says and so Henry takes the original book and uses the key to get inside, bringing Issac with him.  Issac however ties him to the cart for an ogre to kill him.  Cue Rumples as knight come to save the day and Henry.  Leaving Henry free to find Regina.  She doesn't believe he's her son and burns the book, knew she'd do that, with Henry saving a page from it, so what page did he manage to save, I'd like to have known.  Regina apparently is going to rob a tax collector's carriage and Henry tells her that her happy ending is with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) who is her rival.

Issac slimily is caught and brought before Snow who is about to kill him before he tells about Henry, as well as telling her that her true love was James since he was just like her.  Regina sets off to meet the carriage, only Snow surprises her and Robin manages to save her.  Taking her to the tavern where she meets Zelena who's going to be his bride later in the afternoon.  She pays him for his troubles, but certainly doesn't want to attend the wedding, she's leaving the kingdom.  Henry stops her again and tells her she can save the day by stopping the wedding, or rather with the help of he Saviour.  Regina tells him the Saviour is in the tower and is locked up there.  Thus he needs to secure passage on a ship which he thinks belongs to Hook (Colin O'Donoghue).  In actual fact he's just a deckhand and doesn't have an ounce of courage or daring do at this point, in this book.  It appears he's neither a hero nor a villain.

Henry takes care of Blackbeard (Charles Mesure) and Hook can now take the ship to the tower, which is guarded by a black knight.  Henry rescues Emma (Jennifer Morrison) who knew he'd come and they head back to stop the wedding, so Regina can have her true love and with true love's kiss, they can end it all.  However the black knight is none other than Lily who follows them and is conked out by a cannonball.  Emma teaches Hook to sword fight but it's a little too late, as he does manage to defeat David, but turns his back on him and is stabbed from behind, as Emma and Henry escape to find Regina.  Begging the question of why Regina was still around after Henry rescued Emma and made it back to shore.

She doesn't believe she can stop the wedding but they convince her to try.  Gold learns of them trying to change things and he doesn't want his happy ending to be spoiled.  He is married to Belle (Emily de Ravin) and they have a son together.  So he attempts to stop them.  We even get the chipped cup in this story which Belle says can be easily fixed.  Not so it seems, that was just like a metaphor for 'if anything can go wrong it will and always does'.  Gold gets to fight Henry and Emma but Regina doesn't stop the wedding, choosing instead to save Henry.  She's stabbed and Issac  tries to write her out, but Henry grabs the quill and Emma is able to use Regina's blood since it's good and is light magic to write  a different ending.

As they return to Storybrooke and everyone wakes up.  Emma looks fir Hook and thinks he's not around but he still is.  She tries to tell him she loves him, which she told Regina she couldn't do as she was afraid and still doesn't do it.  Belle finds Gold passed out and David stops Issac from leaving in Hold's car.  He needs to be prevent his heart from turning black, Belle tells Rumples she loved him and he threw it all away.  He says he didn't believe they could be happy.  Henry is the new author now but he needs to be careful about what he writes.  The sorcerer's apprentice tells him he can't write his father back since he died in the real world.  Hook came back cos his death was only fiction and just as well he did otherwise there'd be uproar!!  And not just from me!  Ha.

They try to use the hat and the sorcerer's apprentice attempts to take Gold's heart and put it through     the hat.  The darkness needs a new host body and returns from the hat into the apprentice, then leaves through the letterbox.  The apprentice tells them that Merlin is the only one who can stop it, so it's on a quest to find Merlin now.  Emma tells David and Snow she spent to much time holding grudges against them and she needs for Regina to have her happy ending, as he takes the darkness into herself.  They stopped her from becoming dark before and now they'll have to do the same.

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Strike:The Cuckoo's Calling 1.1 1.2 1.3

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Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke) may seem like a different and new kind of detective/PI but under the surface and visibly too it's nothing that we haven't seen before.  Modern day 'Sherlock' too!  Now I know I tweeted that as well but it sooo was!!  There were many scenes/locations, sets, which were too similar to say it wasn't just a coincidence, even the end music was almost similar sounding too.

We've got a regular cafe where he hangs out: aka Speedy's.  Then there was that restaurant too, especially similar to the one where Sherl and Watson first went to when they were chasing the taxi in the Pilot A Study in Pink.  Then there was the coat, yes no detec is complete without obligatory overcoat, do they still call them overcoats.  Even his office screamed Sherlock and he even sleeps on the couch there too, which is actually meant to be a camper bed as his sister referred to it.  Still there was a couch involved.

Then we frequented Belgravia/Westmister where we chanced upon Irene Adler's house, or close enough to be the same from the outside.  As well as Lula's apartment which was akin to the one in The Blind Banker when the man supposedly was meant to have committed suicide too.  Of course Lula didn't kill herself, why would she, she had so much going.  Not to mention meeting Tony (Martin Shaw) in a restaurant, Sherlock as waiter with 'tache sprang to mind.  Then the CCTV footage when Corm when to the apartments again, that was definitely Sherlock many times over. And let's not forget the swimming pool and his first encounter with Moriarty!  Do I call this a Cormoran v Sherlock review or something?  Ha.

It has its quirky moments and the number of times he removes his prosthetic leg and how it pains him still, so it doesn't come in handy for chasing people, re Rochelle.  Well he shouldn't have shouted to her when he found her.  If she was hiding, why make a phonecall and speak that loudly anyway!!  As well as requiring several meals a day.  He eats, whereas Sherlock didn't, not in the early days at least and yes I was going to call Robin (Holliday Grainger) a "Mrs Hudson" cos in many ways, she is (and she pouts plenty).  Especially when she made the coffee and cleaned up the place.  She is a PA after all and not a fellow detective (yet).  Just to make it topical, Corm is the son of a rock star and his mother committed suicide.  Thou it's not spelled out straightaway.  Not even when Uncle Tony remarks about it, trying to threaten him to get off the case.  Mentioning his lack of funds, his leg and his mother too.  he's not too bothered about derogatory remarks made towards him, but no one says anything bad about his mother.

Also he has an ex-fiance, Charlotte, who keeps calling him.  That introductory scene with Robin when he nearly dropped her down the stairs, was going to say she was standing too close to them from the outset! Huh, predictability!  Corm is hired by John (Leo Bill) brother of an old friend of his (small world) to tie up loose ends and ensure it was suicide, but obviously it won't be.  Robin is a uni drop-out, as is he and she searches Corm on the Net for his background.  Turns out he was in the Royal Military Police.

Lula (Elarica Johnson)was a model, had everything going for her and everyone knew her.  Leaving Corm with plenty of suspects, of course there is one that stands out and many of us have seen this but a lot haven't.  So I'll leave my theories and deductions to the third ep, but pretty sure who it is now.  JK Rowling as Richard Galbraith really needs to come up with something that hasn't been done before.  Doubt many would've watched this if it hadn't been for Tom Burke (Athos from The Musketeers) playing the title role!)

Episode 1.2

This episode also included the introduction of Corm's half sister who wanted to take him home with her and well, 'mother' him in many ways, as if he can't cope with the real world, it's not exactly like he's got some from of disorder.  Aside from his debt and the pain, he was managing quite well.  Also bringing up the subject of their mother and how it perhaps wasn't suicide.  But she does get to give him a lift, as he questions the people who worked with Lula, including fellow model and friend, Ciara (Amber Anderson).  Whom he then had a one night stand with, whilst finding out the Guy Some bags also contained hidden pockets beneath the lining, thus giving ample opportunity to hide anything really. Giving him the idea of the will in the next episode.  Of course the leather gloves were another clue and Evan (Bronson Webb) just happened to have some, before he found out Corm was accusing him and lost it.

Of course at this point, Corm still suspected Tony as the killer, as he took photos of him with Tansy (Tara Fitzgerald) who's unhappy in her marriage to a movie producer.  Yes the suspect list was plenty in this, but the killer would be much more closer to home.  And how they kept returning to the vacant apartment and the flowers, in the police photos but then went missing from her place.

Robin heads to the dress shop Lula frequented with her friend Rochelle (Tezlym Senior-Sakutu) and Robin managed to try on a bright green dress when Corm happened to turn up!  He later buys it for her as bonus when he gets into the money.  Robin acting like a model too in that mirror.  Finding out that one of the shop girls taped their conversation until Lula found out.  Also how Rochelle knew what was going on and was actually blackmailing the killer who killed her too.  Corm being too late to save her and scolding his hands in the boiling water in the bath tub to boot.

As for the part with the CCTV footage, strange the killer didn't know it was there, well obviously he did cos he wore the hoodie, but still didn't manage to disguise his posture and of course the shoes. Yes you fool, your lanky body and your shoes gave you away!  There another suspect caught before the end of the show by yours truly.  But why did Corm imply he knew who it was, when clearly he didn't until the last episode, unless he was cunningly keeping it under his coat until he got evidence and found the will..  It was John after all, her adoptive brother.  Obviously he had no brains, why bring Corm in to investigate when the police had already ruled Lula's death a suicide.  He wanted the will no doubt, cos he didn't want her share left to her real brother.  Again about money.  Especially since Lady Bristow (Sian Phillips) was about to cark it.  Reminiscing about the movies and her love for Lula and her other son.

Episode 1.3

Not only was the motive money but turns out John wasn't loved by his mother, not as much as his brother was, in terms of being the favourite and continually berated for his looks etc.  Thus leading him to also kill his brother and keeping the bell from the bicycle.  Corm gently telling him that leather is porous and forensics will make light work of it.  Before John starts a fight with the bottle he bought for him.  Knew Robin would return anyway.  See in series 2, she again comes to his rescue of sorts, as she nabs the culprit in that too.

As Corm's search leads him back to Guy (Kadiff Kirwin) the fashion designer, as he recognizes his hoodie and gloves which haven't been released yet, but Lula had them.  Apparently Tony always suspected something wasn't quite right with John, but he didn't want to hurt his sister, not in her condition.

We also got some insight to how Corm lost his leg in Afghanistan after being ambushed.  Which seemed quite preventable, how were they duped by that broken down truck.  Showing also how he was going to be shot by the boy with the gun, who hears the helicopter, winks at him and runs.  Corm was former military police so his background would've kept him in good stead as a PI, not much else he could do.   Particularly with his famous father and his mother being a model too.  Having his own personality, especially the hangovers, which were frequent, and his love for food, we saw him eat quite a bit.  Tom Burke really got into this character and brought him to life like an impressionist painting, keeping you guessing and working out what he's really like; lots of layers, secrets and personal traits we have yet to learn about him.

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Stephen King's "Gerald's Game" Review & Comments with Some Spoilers & Q&A


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Some of the more harshest critics will say if you've read one Stephen King book, you've read them all and if you've seen one adaptation you've seen them all.  Not the case at all, each one is different and each actor, director, brings something of their own to the adaptation.  The same can be said for Gerald's Game.  A couple attempt to kick start their marriage by heading out to a remote cabin, obviously Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) having other 'things' on his mind.  Cue not rabid dog but rather feral dog who Gerald almost runs over on the road.  Better for that roadkill to have gotten it first.  As the dog later returns to wreak havoc and tears strips off Gerald!!  Ugh, not giving too much away. But Bruce, erm, you didn't deserve that.  Then again perhaps Gerald did in some ways.  Though Gerald wasn't particularly evil, or morose, cynical in some respects, but not such a bad man, as man and husband's go.

Jessie (Carla Gugino) is more down to earth and some may even say, a little on the plain side and boring too, not in terms of looks but how she carries herself.  But Carla is striking an din the role too, also several references to her slip.  However he does comment she has a good heart when she feels for the dog, to the point of feeding him Kobe steak!! "All the way from Kobe"  Gerald interjects!  And the man didn't even get to eat a hearty meal!  Hey Gerald you're a lawyer why skimp on the cost of the steak!!  It's only 'meat.'  That'll come to haunt in a plot twist of sorts.  Couldn't help but think that in some ways this meat reference was directed to Jessie's predicament and her being handcuffed to the bed, only served to be treated as nothing but meat too.  Objectified and object of affections, but still relevant especially with reference to Gerald's joke.  personally I did think they were lucky to get 11 years of marriage.

Things hot up but Gerald needs help with his libido, correction, not his libido but close enough, and Jessie later comment about his "five inches" which had the audience in rip roaring, riotous laughs! So their kinky handcuffs went astray as poor Gerald suffers a heart attack, later we're told it was a long time coming.  Considering he was a lawyer.  Thus the handcuffs and erotic thoughts left on the bed with the insufferable dog causing no end of trouble!  Even Cujo is alluded to, which is what I also thought!! Heck should stop all these pre-empting thoughts I get! No film would be complete without it! And as I used to remark with other shows, if you get a mention of another character or protagonist in a book, film, etc, does this mean that character is actually real!!  (See my Supernatural book for further explanation if you want.  NB Am not plugging here but since everyone does it, why not!!)

This gives rise to her hallucinations and willing Gerald to be alive, but alas he wasn't to be that lucky and how their marriage had problems, but they were happy after all.  Even when she overheard his crude joke about what women are good for: " A lifesupport for F**ing C**nts."  Which she was angry about, but she did hear it.  Most likely some men are like that but she didn't think he was. Perhaps the operative word here was 'life support' cos that's what she needs, she needs to stay alive, so she can get angry and motivate herself into thinking of how to escape her plight and her cuffs!

Lots of flashbacks then and interjecting with each one who appears to her giving her clues as to how she should escape.  Also she had to be one who was abused by her father on the event of a solar eclipse.  The allusion being her life was eclipsed ever since!

Some touching imagery, but also some foreshadowing to, such as how her father found her attractive after she began her period, thus the sanitary towels she used at the end! No not for that!! Then the 'moonlight' man and how he came a collecting for 'Bag A Bones' another book reference.  However having nothing to do with the other book.  As well as the almost-Barlow like appearance from the scary monster at the side of the bed.  Again another shock and awe moment for the audience.  Maybe it's just me but I don't do that kinda stuff, with the gasping and the 'oohs and aahhs'.  It just interferes with the enjoyment and maybe I'm desensitized to the horror aspects of it, which doesn't mean I don't get sacred but when it calls for it!  If that makes sense!

Jessie explains everything in a letter at the end and how certain monsters are real, not the ghosts or demons but the living monsters that can haunt those with less than happy childhoods or lives during their adult years.  A little more reference to the monsters in the closet or under the bed aspects of Cujo with Tad and Vic, once again.  But as said, monsters come in all shapes and sizes and to survive means having to deal with them...!

An excellent adaptation, if a little gore infested for those green at the gills, but don't worry you won't lose your food over it or anything, and really it's not even stomach churning at all!  But some of you will be shocked out of your seats, if you're that way pre-disposed!  Bruce as always was superb; no other words to describe his portrayal (well there are, I'm biased anyway) but yeah he is and was an excellent choice to be cast by Stephen King himself!! As explained director Mike Flanagan at the Q&A afterwards.  It was only about 20 minute so didn't get to ask any questions, but most of them were answered anyway! Such as the casting question.

Also how Mike handcuffed himself as well and didn't last 5 minutes in them, so it was kudos to Carla that she was willing to endure this and they were physically painful and grating on the skin.  Henry Thomas being cast as her father in the film and how some were shocked at Elliott's (from ET) loss     of innocence.  But Henry wanted to play that role, having a daughter of his own, which again may shock some die hard fans.  But it's all par for the actor!

Trevor Macy, the producer also explaining how that dialogue that Bruce got as exposition was straight from the book in its entirety!
The adaption took a long time as there was much of the rich writing was no character to put these words up to," in the book there were other characters Jessie conjures and they're not unknown and they wanted to stay within the couple and live with the marriage.  Brought this out in the adaptation and Bruce's monologue is verbatim and he just left it like that and needed to be filmed."

Mike: "other adaptations were being considered and the changes like Jessie fighting robbers, something to remove her off the bed and they didn't want that."  Trevor didn't read the book until later and not when it came out and was 'compelled' by it.  "Using masochism as a producer and getting into the production."

Adapting King's work and prose Mike as a fan doesn't want to change anything or cut it out...see some choices made in other films and he gets angry he doesn't like changes, he agonizes over it cos not want to make changes making readers angry...was a fun, read book twice and underlined every bit into the movie verbatim.  The epilogue more 'polarized' and fans were divided on if they liked the Joubert twist at the end.

They had to pitch to King for the rights to get anything of his.  Trevor: took 6 months to make a script, "he was very supportive and he cares about his adaptations, writer, producer cast involved in everything.  King suggested Bruce Greenwood in first place."

"Then we submitted first cut and he loved it."  Mike has not spoken or met King, but it was great getting the tweet from him; was a fan moment for him!
"Jessie's role would either attract actresses to the part or drive them away and Carla just wanted to be a part of it.  The movie would turn on whoever pulled it off and it was the performance of her career." She was a  consummate advocate for the filming.
Area 65 65 mm sensor akin to David Lean filming.  Such as for Occulus  which was shot from beginning to end and the shots dictated everything.  "The camera had to float, moving eyelines and film could've been still and Micheal and he made a shot list."

2.3:91 shot needed that shot cos needed both her hands on screen. saw it with audience and Mike said how it was great to see the audience squirm (barring me and sis!)  Also how he couldn't believe the silence in the audience too!

On a question from the audience about the music for the film.  Mike: they're not brothers and they're name isn't Newton, he couldn't recall the story behind this name, which they've said numerous times! They've scored everything Mike's done, from Oculus onwards.
Trevor added that their pitch was that 'there'll be less than 10 mins of score so won't get paid too much, so they didn't have to write so much.'
Their names are Taylor Stewart and Andy Grush.
I didn't know they also worked on some eps of The Mentalist, amongst their wide and varied CV.

Aside from those two late comers who were plonked in front having no disregard for the audience or those already there!  They saw five minutes at the end!  It's good that theatres have a policy of latecomers not being admitted cos for some it does detract from the action.  Especially for those with short attention spans! Nonetheless luckily we had the entire row to ourselves!!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Strike: The Silkworm 2.1 2.2

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Obviously no book would be complete without JK Rowling writing about writers, the pitfalls of publishing and amassing enemies even within the fellow authors fraternity and sisterhood.  Corm (Tom Burke) can now take on Robin (Holliday Grainger) as an assistant as he's cleared his debts and the phone hasn't stopped ringing off the hook with clients and cases (Sherlock again anyone?) Especially with the publicity he must've got solving the supermodel, Lula's, murder.  He's approached by a woman named Leonora (Monica Dolan) who wants him to call her husband, write Owen Quine at some retreat cos his daughter's missing him.  He's gone missing before but always turns up.  However he's not there.  She leaves the money for him anyway even if he refuses it.  Then decides he will help her after all.

He meets with Liz (Lia Williams) Quine's publisher who claims to be suffering from a bout of flu, as well as some silly moments with her dog and assistant (they're not called 'ass of an ant; for nothing Will & Grace!) Apparently he's got a first in English.  Agh how difficult is it to get a first in English or History come to think of it!  She tells him about Quine's book and how it alienated everyone, she shouldn't have given it the okay for it to be published but she read a few pages and did that.  Now his friends and fellow authors are up in arms over it.  But she's not very helpful, purposely.

Calling it here but she was my suspect, she wasn't helpful and also she's been paying money to his family, but I doubt it would be out of the goodness of her heart, especially when Corm later finds out what Quine wrote about her too.  Calling on Leonora he finds her coping with their daughter, Dodo and how someone left a manuscript  of his new book, Bombyx Mori.  (The silkworm named for the larvae of the moth Bombyx Mori).  Which he borrows but doesn't get through reading it.  As we get flashes of what it's about, and the title character I take it, being killed off.  Robin skips to the end of it and invites him for drinks with Matthew (Kerr Logan) her fiance and also invites him to their wedding.  Though they don't really have much to say to each other.

After Corm finds his DB in a house he shared/owned with Fancourt (Peter Sullivan) Leonora is arrested as she had access to the keys.  Seems strange she'd kill him cos she knew about his affairs and she'd always take him back.  Also how her daughter needed him and loved his stories. Ridiculous bit that was, writing backwards like Yoda.

Robin later receives news from Matthew about his mother passing and is given time off by Corm but instead decides to drive him to Devon since he can't drive himself and to meet with Jerry (Dominic Mafham) who he knew for a long time.   Apparently Robin is very handy to have around since she's done an Advanced Driving course cos she was bored and drives through the fields like some kind of a super rally driver, cos she'll miss her train and won't make the funeral, leaving him to get back somehow in the rental.  Which we don't get to see.   Robin is in tears when they stopped over since she wants to be a PI, it's all she's ever wanted and was upset when he announced in front of Matthew that he was looking for a partner since the workload was too heavy.  She wants to be considered and he say if she's keen he can sign her up for a surveillance course.

Other suspects included Andrew Fancourt, another author who is still reeling over the suicide of his wife,Ellie (Tamara Topolski) who wanted to be writer but he blames Quine for it in many ways.  Liz is in love with Fancourt, but he doesn't want anything to do with her and she wants to apologize for the manuscript being published.

Episode 2 continued in much the same way with Corm going back and forth between potential suspects and we get to meet his brother, Al (Joel Batey) who's an american Dj, keeping it in the usical family tradition, as they have lunch in the restaurant where Quine and Liz had a fight publicly, where it appeared they were feigning it for the publicity.  As for his disappearance, he got that out of Agatha Christie and her own mysterious disappearance.  Corm gets a lawyer friend for Leonora, but she angrily loses the plot not trusting her.  She also tells Corm not to relapse where his ex Charlotte is concerned and she also sends him some photos.  Seems she's the one who's relapsing and can't leave him alone.

Matthew finds out she missed the funeral arrangements cos of work as she admits it wasn't Corm's fault she didn't go.  Also how she studied psychology just to be a PI and nothing else.  He wants her to be happy, but says he shouldn't come to their wedding.  Corm has lunch again with Liz where he mentions the restaurant fiasco and how Fancourt wanted nothing to do with her, and she bursts into tears saying he was cruel to bring that up.  Leaving him to foot the bill, no doubt.  But this is where I actually confirmed my suspicions of her being the killer.  A the party where Corm's been invited to, did you like the views of the London skyline in the night, Robin gets Fancourt to speak with Corm, where he tells them more about his wife.  Aided by Robin getting the MSS pages from Dodo after exchanging her necklace for her to steal.

Jerry gives him the MSS to read as he gets him on side by having wine with him, cos it may be early but he likes it.  Having the MSS checked and compared to other ones, Corm finds that it was written by someone else.  Cos Jerry tells him Quine didn't use semi-colons in his work for the 20 odd years he's been editing his work.  Seems Liz wrote Bombyx and attributed to Fancourt's wife killing herself.  Which she denies and makes a run for it, pursued by Robin.  It was the motive for bumping Quine off since he knew this MSS led to Ellie's death, and he was blackmailing Liz.  See I said she wouldn't pay his family out of the goodness of her icy heart!

Corm gives Robin a note saying if she can find it, he'll pay for the surveillance course.  These eps weren't as good as the other three intro eps, quite boring in places and only Tom kept the interest going, giving a good portrayal of the title character.  Otherwise it wasn't anything to write home about, or to write at all!  Ha.  Couldn't help but think it's all been done before.
As well as Robin giving Corm Cornish fudge and beer for his birthday, of course she'd know when it was, she spent that much time Googling him!  Shall I add ogling him in the process too, cos obviously and unashamedly there is chemistry between them, but let's not go there.

Series 3 returns next year!

Longmire 5.1 "A Fog That Won't Lift" Review

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The season 5 opener was a particularly good one for many reasons and still manages to entertain and keep up the thrills as in past seasons, a shame then that season 6 will be the last of this amiable Western series which ticked all the boxes as far as police shows went.

Cady (Cassidy Freeman) finds Walt (Robert Taylor) passed out on the floor and he asks where she is, Cady thinking he's talking of her mother and tells him she's gone, of course he was referring to Donna, but she wasn't to know that since he hasn't told anyone about it, other than Vic (Katee Sackhoff) but then Vic was only being nosey cos of her feelings for him.  Of course in other ways, Cady saying that she's gone could also refer to Donna since she is gone.  She grabs the sheet from the bed to use it to stop his bleeding, however she wasted all that time instead of calling for help first. She also calls Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) but he's too busy with  Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) who takes his blood sample just to prove that he was the one involved int he shooting last season.  Hey he couldn't do that, it's illegal and seems Henry didn't have much of a choice.  Henry doesn't answer the phone.

Vic arrives at the hospital and finds Walt alone, so she takes 'liberties man' by kissing him!  I should say snogging!! What! She can't do that, he's not in his right mind, saying she's kissing him once "before he dies."  He replies he's not dead, well obviously!!  Hey I wrote a similar scene once back in 2000 where the hero gets kissed by his unrequited love when he's lying on a hospital bed!!  Wowie deja vu or what?!  Cady walks in and tells him he was shot and he can't recall what happened, as he's also got concussion; though we do get some flashes over the course of the episode.  Walt  now mentions Donna and how he wasn't alone, but Vic tells him she's not here.  She's missing and she calls Ferg (Adam Bartley) to mount a search for her and if she'd have known she'd have done it sooner.

Walt gets out of bed against doc's orders and everyone else's orders and goes to find Walker Browning (Callum Keith Rennie) whom he handcuffed to the bed.  But he's gone and the nurse tells him Sheriff Wilkins (Tom Wopat) released him.  Of course it wouldn't be Walt.  Notice Walt's gown was open in the back when he was in bed and then it was done up when he got up.  He checks himself out and they end up at the office, where he tries to dress himself, Vic having to help him with his pants, yeah she would!  Okay Walt any excuse to go shirtless!! for a while longer!!  (Rob!) Then they end up at his house: a CS.  His Bronco's missing as his rifle so he was shot with it.  Vic finds Donna's clothes: evidence, including her bra and dress.

Walt and Vic head to the next county where he confronts Wilkins about releasing Walker and he tells him it was in his jurisdiction, then head to Donna's clinic.  But they need a warrant for her files.  Walt faints and Vic thinks he's feigning it so the nurse leaves to call for help the and Vic makes a mad dash to throw the files out of the window!  However then realizes he's not pretending as he comes to a while later!  On the way back she tells him they should be checking out Donna cos it doesn't have to be about him and especially as he flashes around her driving licence pic, but no one's seen her.  Vic tells him to pop a pill and he throws it out of his mouth, could've done that later.  She stops the truck and makes him swallow the same pill, again, eeww!  Telling him she kissed him cos it was her way of moving on.

Ferg tells them he found the Bronco nearby his house and there's no blood, but there's no evidence of Donna either.  Later he tells Vic about the blonde hair he found in the back and it couldn't be hers cos Vic wasn't in the back.  She gives him one of her own hairs for analysis as they check out the files. Walt walks in and asks what they're talking about.  Cady also finds out they don't have legal permission for the files and Walt already faces a civil suit, so they need to get themselves permission from the court and get a special master appointed.  Reminding him of what he told her about getting evidence another legal way.  Ferg thinks it might be Zach since he's been drinking and no one's heard from him.

Vic takes him to Henry's where he passes out and after going to Donna's house, they find an intruder and the other files.  He's Andrew Price (Sterling Beaumon) and claims to be her son.  But doesn't have ID.  At the station, he tells Walt he must be her boyfriend and he's not her type.  Also he should look into her exes.  Ferg is told to lock him up.  Walt takes Henry to the oil field but the rig's been removed and he comes across Doug (Kelly Mower) there who was told to clear everything away. Walt wants to find the rig but Henry is called by Mathias who tells him he needs Hector's help and if he doesn't get it, then he call the sheriff.

Cady tells Walt about her job with Nighthorse and Walt's not pleased as he's using her against Walt. But she wants to use it to help people since it's funded by the casino and mom would've wanted that too.  She tells him he's hurt in the same way he hurt her with news of Donna.  Oh Cady he's old enough to make up his own mind in seeing whomever he wants and he lost her a long time ago.  He needs a life of his own too and not one of loneliness.  It's not like he will ever forget her.  Vic checks Donna's calendar and finds that one man, Duncan Butler (Mac Brandt) missed four appointments and when they speak with him find he's got an alibi, for both days.  At the office, Walt gets a call from forensics who tell him about the blond hair!  Yeah the hair he wasn't meant to know about.

As I said plenty going on here to continue the season with and setting up plots for the rest of the eps. Including Henry being 'blackmailed' by Mathias into helping him, for his own purposes though.  But guessing truth will out with that too as far as Walt is concerned.  Walt having flashes of his time with Donna, short as it was, but get the impression, there's more going on here with Donna than meets the eye.  Perhaps she and her life wasn't as clear cut as she seems and probably has many secrets.  I means she didn't tell him about Andrew, even though she knew about Cady.
Hopefully Vic is over him cos as I said, didn't want that relationship, they're not right for each other.